In alien land, Indian music is at home

INDIAN EXPRESS (Pune Edition) – JANUARY 8, 2001

THOUGH living abroad, they are more tuned to the classical music and popular film music. They are a couple whose English is an unmistakable American drawl, but who break into more or less chaste Hindi with a sprinkling of Urdu phrases thrown in. Well, that’s Sanjeev and Armeen Ramabhadran for you.



Couple of Talents

INDIAN EXPRESS (Pune Newsline) – JANUARY 10, 2001

SANJEEV and ARMEEN Ramabhadran the musical couple from New Jersey sure had Punekars raving about their melodious voices at the Kale Sabhagriha on Monday evening. From Rafi to Rehman, they took the trouble to explain to the audiences the significance of each number and why it figured on their list of favourites. What was even more amazing was the duo’s knowhow as regards old numbers.



Do re… ga ma

TIMES OF INDIA (Bombay Edition) – FEBRUARY 2, 1997

For Sanjeev Ramabhadran, Mozart, Marathi natya-padas and Mohammed Rafi are all part of his eclectic musical repertoire. Ambarish Mishra meets the 21-year-old US-based vocalist.

He looks a Microsoft person, every byte. A cool guy who would be only willing to announce his allegiance to Madonna and microchips, Coke and Calvin Klein. Yet, it
is when belting out a Rafi number from Baiju-Bawra or Kohinoor that Sanjeev Ramabhadran comes into his own.



Winning Voice

INDIA TODAY International (Bombay Edition) – JULY 21, 1997

SANJEEV RAMABHADRAN, 23, was on holiday in India when he heard about TVS Sa Re Ga Ma, a nationally-televised music competition on Zee TV. The recent graduate in Electrical Engineering from Princeton had never watched it, but all the same he recorded some of his favorite Mohammed Rafi songs and sent the tape to the programme organizers. The entry was accepted and Sanjeev breezed through the preliminary rounds to win the finals, which will be telecast next April.



14-Year-Old Notates Hindi Songs


NEW YORK – Music is an area of endeavor in which youth has come to be appreciated when early talent is found, especially in a rock-oriented world. For Sanjeev Ramabhadran, a 14-year-old student in Guilford, Conn., the talent came early, but his claim to fame has nothing to do with rock music.

Sanjeev, who is trained in Western and Indian classical music, plays the violin, keyboard and tabla, and sings pop and classical songs.